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100m PE Braided Fishing Line

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Braid is advantageous in deep water situations, offshore, estuary or in the fresh.

More braid can be packed onto a spool compared to the equivalent breaking strain in mono or fluorocarbon. 

Braid is much more sensitive than mono or fluorocarbon so bites are easily felt and hook ups are firm.


    • STRONG KNOT STRENGTH – dynamically incorporated strands in our SuperPower Braided Lines allow you to easily tie a more solid knot; you can even tie an improved clinch knot. The special proprietary treatment (without a waxy coating) allows the supple fishing line to zip through the guides to your target and gives you better lure swimming action
    • LOW MEMORY – helps you achieve a better, farther casts, less chance of wind knots
    • GREATER ABRASION RESISTANCE – the braided fishing line decreases the likelihood of losing your “big one”!
    • ULTRA-HIGH SENSITIVITY & ZERO STRETCH – for superior hook setting that increases your catch ratio
    • SMALLER DIAMETER – compared to other brands allowing you to spool more fishing line on to your reel


    Basic Parameters:
    Line Number 0.4#: 0.10mm / 10LB   / 4.55KG
    Line Number 0.6#: 0.12mm / 15LB  /  6.82KG
    Line Number 0.8#: 0.14mm / 18LB  /  8.18KG
    Line Number 1.0#: 0.16mm / 20LB /   9.09KG
    Line Number 1.5#: 0.20mm / 25LB / 11.36KG
    Line Number 2.0#: 0.23mm / 28LB / 12.70KG
    Line Number 2.5#: 0.26mm / 30LB / 13.64KG
    Line Number 3.0#: 0.28mm / 33LB / 14.96KG
    Line Number 3.5#: 0.30mm / 35LB / 18.87KG
    Line Number 4.0#: 0.32mm / 40LB / 18.18KG
    Line Number 5.0#: 0.37mm / 50LB / 22.73KG
    Line Number 6.0#: 0.40mm / 60LB / 27.27KG

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