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Depending on fish casting net’s size, style and whether it is custom made or not, casting nets can be an expensive piece of fishing gear. They easily and quickly pay for themselves in the money they save in bait when you use it, but proper cleaning, taking care of it or conditioning and store it in a right place, is essential for increasing the life span of your favorite expensive fish casting nets. Especially storing the net in wet condition and salt in it will quickly deteriorate the netting and it becomes unusable for fishing. Proper cleaning after once it’s used and conditioning which takes very little time and will keep your fish casting net for catching baitfish for several more years to come. Here are the guidelines below:

Step 1
Put a five gallon bucket of water and add approximately two capfuls of a mild dishwashing soap into it. Stir it and mixing it together properly.
Step 2
Put the dirty casting net into the soap mixing water and lifting it up and down in the bucket for three to four times to spread the soapy water throughout the entire net fiber. It is best way to clean or remove the dirt of your favorite casting net before conditioning and storing it.
Step 3
Soak the casting net in the bucket of soap mixing water for half hour to one hour. Then take the net off from the bucket, hang it up for ten minutes and rinse it off with clean water again..
Step 4
Put two capfuls of fabric softener into the five gallon bucket of clean water .Stir the fabric softener mixture.

Image Source-Pixabay

Step 5
Put the casting net inside the bucket, Pull it up four to five times to circulate the fabric softener through the netting properly. Then allow the net to soak for four hours to overnight.
Step 6
Take out the casting net from the fabric softener mixture and hang it up for few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water immediately after taking out the net from the bucket.
Step 7
Put the net to dry completely before storing.


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