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Artificial vs Live Bait

By Fred le Roux August 06, 2018 0 comments

Artificial Lures vs Natural Live Bait Fishing: Which is Best option?

It’s one of fishing’s most common questions “what is the best option: real bait or artificial lures?” Actually, there is no concrete and specific answer to this timeless dilemma. Each approach of fish catching technique has its own particular pros and cons and sometimes one of these is better suited to different conditions, environments, levels of angler competence and target species for fishing. Let’s look at the pros and cons of real bait versus counterfeit offerings!

Advantages of Fishing With Artificial Lures

There are lot of different types of artificial lures, but most popular basic categories: crank baits, plugs, jigs, spinners, poppers, spoons and flies. 
              A jig is simply a tiny hook attached with a lead ball near the eye of the                    hook normally decorated with feathers, rubber legs, artificial eyes, and                  tinsel.
              Poppers imitate bugs floating on the surface of the water and, when                      it’s jerked, make a sound that attracts fish. 

                  Flies are artificial imitations of the aquatic & terrestrial insects , other                      prey creatures found in near trout streams
            Spoons  in general it’s look something like teaspoon and imitate a                          speedy minnow flashing and darting. 
            Spinners have small size of propellers that spin and flash when                            reeled, attract fish by the motion and vibrations sent through the water                    surface. 
            Crankbaits  appearance much like a small size of fish and are types of                  surface, deep diver and medium diver . They are cast and retrieved by                  reeling cranking the line back in.  
            Plugs mimic small size of fish. Some are floats, some are dives, and                      some are shimmy, gurgle, shake, and splash to imitate prey. 

Active and more engaging.

Unlike natural or live bait fishing style, it is up to the angler or fisherman to animate a lure to convince a fish to bite. The selection process of the right lure and experimenting with it can be a very exciting way to spend a day on the water for you or any fisherman. If you choose the right one then fishing becomes a game of action or more enjoyable.

Clean and makes fishing easy.

You don't have to worry about an artificial lure as you have to do for your live or natural fish catching bait –like blood stain make your dress dirty. Just grab your tackle box and you are ready to go for fishing and you won't get any blood stain in your dress and slime.

Can trigger predatory & territorial responses.

While natural live bait capitalizes or uses a fish's carnivorous hunger, an artificial lures take advantage of a fish's predatory nature. You can get a fish to rush out and ambush arround your lure or chase it down and engulf it easily. Sometimes a fish may attack a lure not out of hunger but for it’s territorial defense quality, like during spawning season when a bass is protecting its nest.

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