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Fishing tips for beginners:

Are you looking for a new outdoor activity that is simple, easy and also put no big pressure on your wallet? Look no further than fishing, as it will be the best option for you. If your goal is relaxing with the family, kids and also catching your next meal,  even for those who do not experience fishing regularly, but the itch to get out on the water is still there and people ,who are  often held back by a lack of expert's knowledge and experience on how to catch fish, here are some very useful beginners fishing tips to help you get the most out of your fishing experience.  PS: Click " BLUE " links for Product Examples.


Useful fishing TIPS FOR ALL FISHERMAN...and WOMEN:

USE THE RIGHT ROD and REEL: The wrong choice of rod and reel may reduce your chances of catching a fish. Selecting the right rod and reel depends on your own fishing preferences. As like hooks, there are different types of reel and rod out there in the market. Always keep an arsenal of rods & reels for the different types of fish catching.  

CHOOSE THE RIGHT FISHING LINES: If you are using the new hook, right lures and rod and reel combination but yet you missed your catch. Something is very wrong here. Maybe a problem you are overlooking. Check, if you are using a worn out fishing line. This is one of the most common fishing mistakes as seen in angler’s community. Get the right line for the job. Change your fishing line on a regular basis. If you do so, it will save your favorite lures and baits from losing.

USE THE RIGHT BAIT: Be aware of what species you are trying to catch and what kind of bait attracts them. The wrong bait could mean a very long unfruitful day, not the way you want to start when embarking on this beautiful endeavor. Use baits and lures that look like and are the same size as the naturally found forage in the body of water you are fishing. Remember live bait always works best.  

NB: Fish-Traps are the easiest way to catch live bait!

Also See: Artificial vs Live Bait

USING RIGHT KNOTS: Believe it or not, most of the time new anglers are not aware about tying their knots appropriately, so poor or weakly tied knots are the most common problems behind a missed catch. So before throwing the bait, double check if your knot is ok or not. There are several types of knots you can use. Amongst them the popular ones are-loop knot , uni-knot, Snell knot etc.

STUDY WEATHER FORECAST: Before moving out for a fishing trip, always study the weather forecast the night before and try to gather information about the location, the condition of weather and water level change ,then take the decisions about appropriate fishing locations, target species, various tactics an obviously your own safety.

LEARN HOW TO CAST: Practice and learn how to cast a spinning rod and a bait caster properly as most of the cases you might have to put the bait within a few feet of the strike area of the water body where a non accurate casting results in failed attempt of fishing and also you will miss your lures. As a beginner you should practice to cast accurately, before heading out for fishing to make quality casts on the water and also catch lot of quality fish.

DON’T SET YOUR LINE TOO SLACK: One more thing you should not forget that too much slack line is an  golden opportunity for any fish to flee as your control over the line will reduce for certain reasons which make it easier for your fish to shake loose from your hook. So always keep your line enough slack  as much as it needed.

STAY CALM AND DON'T RUSH: It is very important to stay calm, compose  and don't rush  while fishing else fish will be alerted and flee. Stay confident: Always be confident while fishing as confidence is the key and try not to expect too much as a beginner.

DON’T CATCH THE FISH BAREHANDED: You may lose your fish and can ruin your entire day of fishing, only for this reason. And it happens when you want to catch the fish with bare hand.  It’s a bitter experience of an beginner fishing enthusiastic person or any angler. Remember it is one of the most costliest and painful fishing mistakes. Everybody knows fish is strong and slick species and a lot of fish may slip away just because of your bare hand approach rather you can use any suitable fishing net or fish handling gloves.  

USE A KAYAK INSTEAD OF BOAT: For new fishermen  or any beginners , who want to heading out on the water for fishing but don't have any big size boat, can try kayak  for fishing. Basically Kayaks are affordable, easy to move and  light weight.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Always try to keep your rig simple & size of fishing area not so huge to meet your needs. 

KEEP IT CHEAP WITHIN BUDGET: Don't spend too much for fishing as a beginner as you will not be sure if you will be successful or not in catching fish. The bitter experience of beginner’s fishing can turn into happy fishing by applying these useful tips and hopefully, being the new one in fishing, you will surely return home with a bucket full of fishes and a memorable experience too.


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